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our story

About us

We moved to Provence several years ago to follow our dream of designing and building a home that we could both live and work from. As an artist and designer we wanted to create an environment that was thoughtful and considered our needs. Whilst we built the house we began to create connections with local craftspeople. As we sourced and acquired pieces for our home we were drawn to using these ideas as the beginnings of a shop selling thoughtfully crafted objects touched by the hand of their maker.

Our mission is to discover companies and artisanal producers that create products with character and warmth. It is the product and the story behind its creation that we find compelling, we intend to source products that are life enhancing and enrich the environments that we live in. 

Whether it is a more ephemeral piece such as a candle or a hand thrown bowl that becomes part of the fabric our our lives over time, our intention to celebrate the maker and their story.

Maison de l’Escargot discovers and showcases makers from our home in France and beyond.
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